Our home…

Several years ago we acquired PacificPalisades.com.  It was a financially significant acquisition, but one that we believed was critical.  We are local.  We’re passionate about the Pacific Palisades.  Our beautiful city is in transition.  Rick Caruso and his team are about to embark in the most significant transformation of our commercial landscape in our history.  As a result, both the residential and commercial potential of our city is at an all-time high.

Our promise to you is to develop PacificPalisades.com into a community resource that covers commercial, residential and public policy issues of the Pacific Palisades.  With the median home price at $3.8 million +, we all have so much invested in our city’s future – both the tangible real estate and the intangible digital real estate.   We’re proud of the acquisition and of our potential.

Please feel free to contact us at our personal email address below with thoughts, ideas, contributions to what PacificPalisades.com might become.

With great pride to be a Palisadian…

Jeremy Padawer – Jeremy@Jeremy.com

Jon Cohen – jc@certifiedartists.com

Padawer & Cohen Properties, LLC